Saturday, July 4, 2009

The 10 Fastest Super Computers on the Planet

These computers are so fast that the lowest ranked super computer on this list is still over thousands of times as fast as your average desktop PC.

7 Of the top 10, are located right here in the United States. The only other countries with a machine that ranks in the top 10 are Germany, India and Sweden.

  1. Blue Gene/L by IBM (USA)
    IBM Blue Gene/L
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Terascale Simulation Facility uses this IBM Blue Gene/L super computer for advanced scientific simulations. It was recently upgraded and now has 73,728 GB of memory and a peak speed of 596 teraFlops. This is the most powerful supercomputer in the world.
  2. JUGENE by IBM (Germany) Jugene is among the newest members of the BlueGene/P family by IBM. Housed in the Forschungszentrum Juelich research facility in Juelich, Germany, it runs at a peak speed of 223 teraFlops via a grand total of 65,500 processors.
  3. Altix ICE 8200 by SGI (USA) The SGI Altix ICE 8200 uses Intel Xeon (Clovertown) 3000 MHz Processors and is housed at the New Mexico Computing Applications Center. It has a peak speed of 172 teraFlops.
  4. EKA by HP (India) The EKA is housed at the Computational Research Laboratories, by TATA SONS in India. At 170 teraFlops, it is the fastest computer in Asia. The EKA uses Intel Xeon (Clovertown) processors.
  5. Cluster Platform 3000 BL460c by HP (Sweden) This Supercomputer is located at a government agency in Sweden. It has 13,728 processors cranking out a peak performance of 146 teraFlops
  6. Red Storm by Cray Inc. (USA)Red Storm reaches a peak performance of 127 teraFlops with over 26,500 Dual Core Opteron Processors. It is located at the NNSA/Sandia National Laboratory.
  7. Jaguar by Cray Inc. (USA) Jaguar is similar to Red Storm, both were built by Cray. Jaguar uses 23,016 Dual Core Opteron Processors for a peak performance of 119 teraFlops.
  8. BlueGene by IBM (USA) This Bluegene (one of many) is located at the Thomas J. Watson Research Center in New York. It uses 40,960 PowerPC processors to reach a peak performance of 114 teraFlops.
  9. Franklin by Cray Inc. (USA)This Cray XT4 uses Opteron Dual Core processors to achieve a peak performance of over 100 teraFlops. It has a whopping 39 Terabytes of memory.
  10. New York Blue by IBM (USA)Yet another member of the Bluegene family resides in New York City. New York Blue uses 36,864 PowerPC processors to produce a peak performance of 103 teraFlops. Overall it contains 18.4 Terabytes of memory.

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