Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sonim Land Rover S1 Is ‘The World’s Toughest Phone’

sonim-land-rover-s1To have the Land Rover seal of approval, your phone has to be pretty darned rugged.

Fortunately for Sonim, their handset can survive being cooked at 150 degrees centigrade, thrown from a second floor building, drowned in mud and driven over by a car.

Stopping short of the Barbour jacket and Chelsea Tractor accent, the Land Rover S1 evokes the spirit of the off-road brand with a super hard chassis, a 2 megapixel waterproof camera and a super long battery life of 18 hours talk time and 1,500 hours standby!

Other features make the S1 seem positively refined with built-in GPS, a 2GB memory slot, a built-in Opera Mini WAP browser and Bluetooth connectivity.

Luckily, the S1 gains double burly points by being able to operate under temperatures from -20° to 55° C, and being resistant to pressure of up to 400kgs. MANLY!

Bob Plaschke, CEO of Sonim Technologies, said: “When we started making these handsets, there was no standard for how to test and benchmark rugged phones, so we created our own. The Land Rover S1 is tested according to our own ‘Rugged Performance Standard’, a specific 12-point test to ensure our phones remain of the highest quality and don’t let you down when you need it most.”

Land Rover S1 Launch Video

This brilliant video from The Really Mobile Project has Dan Lane getting dirty with Sonim’s CEO and literally the most awesome adventurer alive, Sir Ranulph Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes. His achievements entirely live up to a name as epic as that.

Land Rover S1 Deals are an all-terrain mixture of pay monthly and a SIM-free price of £249.99, and are available now

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